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Unable to open files attached through Activity Feed post

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Hi there,


I attempted to make a post using the Activity Feed in the activity module. In this post, I added a file attachment using "Attach A File/Photo" feature. 


Once posted, I see the post in my activity feed. However, There is blank space under the post, where I assume the file is supposed to show. IT DOES NOT. post-17449-0-82321400-1602438280_thumb.png


Similarly, when I click on the black space area, It attempts to open the file. But it does not show anything. Please see screenshots attached. post-17449-0-31100200-1602438303_thumb.png


Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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Found this in the error logs:


2020/10/12 06:21:26 [error] [exception.CHttpException.404] CHttpException: The system is unable to find the requested action
"<WEBSITE_URL>". in /app/data/public/framework/web/CController.php:486
Stack trace:
#0 /app/data/public/framework/web/CController.php(270): CController->missingAction('<WEBSITE_URL>...')
#1 /app/data/public/framework/web/CWebApplication.php(282): CController->run('<WEBSITE_URL>...')
#2 /app/data/public/protected/components/X2WebApplication.php(65): CWebApplication->runController('profile/<WEBSITE_URL>')
#3 /app/data/public/framework/base/CApplication.php(185): X2WebApplication->processRequest()
#4 /app/data/public/index.php(67): CApplication->run()
#5 {main}
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And another similar looking one:


2020/10/12 06:50:32 [error] [exception.CHttpException.404] CHttpException: Unable to resolve the request "media/view/<WEBSITE_URL>/index.php/media/media/getFile/id/2010/key/116c285d11a5332748587790e352ef81fe9eb49c688a9567e75b7afb662982e4". in //
Stack trace:
#0 /app/data/public/protected/components/X2WebApplication.php(65): CWebApplication->runController('media/view/crm....')
#1 /app/data/public/framework/base/CApplication.php(185): X2WebApplication->processRequest()
#2 /app/data/public/index.php(67): CApplication->run()
#3 {main}
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Hello therealsai,


I believe the issue might be related to the 'media/view/' portion of the media view request:

2020/10/12 06:50:32 [error] [exception.CHttpException.404] CHttpException: Unable to resolve the request "media/view/<WEBSITE_URL>/index.php/media/media/getFile/id/2010/key/116c285d11a5332748587790e352ef81fe9eb49c688a9567e75b7afb662982e4".

Would you be able to PM me the 'Public Info Settings' of your app? You can find these under the 'System Settings' of the admin control panel.

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