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I keep getting an error about the CSFR Token when I make the changes to fix the issue as in previous and old topics, it breaks my images.


Why is getting the Web Lead Forms to work such a huge problem, it should be something basic and part of any decent CRM system. I see a lot of topics suggesting using Grafity forms etc. why? I don't want to use 3dr party web lead forms and have to pay for alternative form solutions, it should work as part of X2.


When is the basic Web Lead Form and CSFR Token issue in X2 going to be fixed?

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Hi Charl,


did you tried http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3732-csfr-token-error-raising-its-head-again/ ?


And - you´re right - without a 3rd party plugin like GF it´s an quite ugly form without many needed options. But GF can post directly to X2, so head up :-)


Example: Original X2 form on WP https://www.kirus.de/kontakt/



Kind regards!

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Hi alt_f4


Thank you for your feedback and advice.


I'm ok with the look and feel of the X2 forms, my issue is more with the functionality of the forms and the CSFR token issues.


Why must I pay for a 3rd party form builder like GF when X2 is supposed to be able to do something so basic. I might as well then pay a monthly fee for a decent CRM/Emailing system with support and functionality that works.


Thanks you again ;-)

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Yes, Charl, you´re right.


We´ve thought also about changing the CRM, may to https://suitecrm.com/or similar. But - if you´re looking to performance and handling of the CRM itself, X2CRM is hard to beat. Just try to work with some 1000s of contacts and you´ll see ;-)


Pls. keep us updated, if you´re leaving and the system you´ve choosen...



Best regards

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