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Using X2  (latest revision of version 7) to create a contact database consolidating all my contacts. Some of my contacts have multiple credentials:  PMP (Project Management Professional) and MBA for example.  I would like to have a standard format for all the various credentials. I could type in the information but I'm looking for a method that would not involve typing the same information for multiple contacts.


1.  Can I use a drop down list to select multiple entries for the same record? To be clear, could I use one drop down list to select multiple entries for the same record. In this case select PMP and MBA for the same record from the same drop down?


2. If I cannot use a drop down what would be a good method to accomplish this task?


3. If I use Tags, how would I "see" the credentials?


Open to suggestions.




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Hi TechnoDino!


You can utilize the "multi-select" dropdown. 


In the admin panel you can create a new attribute that is a multi-select dropdown with credentials you need.

You can also edit current drop-downs to be multi-select too!


If you use tags you can search for tags! 

But multi-select dropdown seems to be the best option.




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