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I have an issue with web lead forms working on a site when I use the built in embeded code utility from the web lead forms. The situation is this, I have tried with public ip addresses and also forwarding to ports behind a nat as well to virtual machines running ubuntu 18 and x2crm installed from the bitnami installer. If you look at the code:


<iframe name="web-form-iframe" src="http://myserverip/x2engine/index.php/contacts/contacts/weblead?iframeHeight=385&webFormId=1&css=redirectUrl="frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" scrolling="0" width="200" height="385"></iframe>


when you try this on a plain webpage it gives out the error that it could not make a connection. 


If you take just this part of the code:

http://myserverip/x2engine/index.php/contacts/contacts/weblead?iframeHeight=385&webFormId=1&css=redirectUrl="frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" scrolling="0" width="200" height="385"


and enter it in to the web browser the form works without issue and submitting actually puts the contact info in to x2crm without issue. I am at a loss to figure this out since this isn't a firewall or port issue that i can see since it actually works when you just put the form address in to the web browser. Am I missing something? can someone with more knowledge please give me an idea where to start to look at what is happening here?




Greatly appreciated in advance.

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