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Install issues on Ubuntu 18.04

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Posted 08 July 2019 - 11:46 AM

I've installed X2CRM open source version several times; on a couple of different ubuntu servers (repurposed towers), on an Amazon EC2 instance and am so close to getting it to run on a laptop that's getting repurposed to be a CRM server for 2-3 people, temporarily. (it should have enough horsepower. top is in the 5% range)


Previous installations took about an hour or two. No big deal. I followed the instructions at https://www.rosehost...untu-16-04-vps/ and worked like a charm. 


This time, however, it's been a nightmare. Mysql missing modules, mariadb start/fails. plenty more. 


Here's the last issue - the last step in installation gives me the following errors. after getting though (screen captures attached)


Installing X2CRM
  • Completed: set up core database structure
  • Completed: set up role-based access control (RBAC) permissions system
  • Completed: insert time zone data
  • Completed: install modules
  • Completed: apply configuration
  • Could not insert sample data. SQL statement "INSERT INTO `x2_trigger_logs` (`id`, `flowId`, `tr..." from /var/www/html/x2crm/protected/data/dummy_data.sql failed; 23000,1452,Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`x2crm`.`x2_trigger_logs`, CONSTRAINT `x2_trigger_logs_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`flowId`) REFERENCES `x2_flows` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE)




There were errors mentioned at the top of the screen (mysqldump, mysql, openssl and mcrypt libraries) as being not installed, but they are  Weird huh?


Check out the two files (only way i could get a decent screen capture).


Any ideas what i may be doing wrong?




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#2 X2Peter


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Posted 11 July 2019 - 10:41 AM

I believe this is an issue with the dummy data (for a dummy default workflow). If you need the dummy data, you should be able to just delete that line from the dummy_data.sql (the line number should be 81).


Regarding the mcrypt and openssl library error, it will show if either the openssl or mycrypt library is missing. mycrypt was removed completely from PHP 7.2 so you may not have it installed. You can safely ignore that error (just make sure you have openssl installed). We will update this error message in the next release so that it is not confusing.

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