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Known Niggles with Ver 7.1

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Hi guys,


I have been updating my little bugs and niggles list for the recent version. Maybe someone else also have these with either a solution or not?


    1. Login Screen
      1. the Login Button doesn't have or get focus when login is this for using Enter button on keyboard. Thus after typing details you have to mouse over and click SIGN IN
  2. BUGS
    1. Login action
      1. On log in of all our systems sometimes, after login occured and you are directed to your default dashboard page we get this error: 
        1. Error Code: 500 Error Message: CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'tc0fbig8b9tmpeehf0u9l860l2' for key 'PRIMARY'
    2. Lists
      1. Static list cant add contact in anyway. Can only use Dynamic lists. When selecting contact/s and tryaing to Add to List it just hangs and timing circles just spins
    3. Docs
      1. Folder. Moving an email template/s to another folder where there is more than one page of folder available, you can't select another page to choose your folder. Gives following error Error 404: Unable to resolve the request "docs/getFolderSelector/id".


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4. Login Screen 

  1. Sign in with Google -
    1. the "Login to Google" button  does not appear anymore - possibly due to the Google+ API that has been suspended

 5.  Workflow

  1. Add to + Delete From lists -  autofill not working  Fixed see Jacks code for an interim solution if you cant wait for the official release  (http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3823-fix-for-add-to-list-and-remove-from-list/?do=findComment&comment=15633), 
    1.   I believe X2Jack is working on this   
  2. "Update Related Records" option
    1. The above is a useful option when needing to update related record,  in my case to create tags to populate lists when certain conditions are met. 
    2. X2Clifton  helped  establish the need for this option to be added.    

6.  Docs 

  1. Sorting docs in the Doc Module
    1. Currently the files are listed A-Z  With no option to sort, name, owner, date or search as one has in for eg a "gridview" mode in the Media module 

7.  Future Mail campaigns

  1. No reporting
    1. When running future scheduled Campaigns-  the campaign runs as its setup to do but there are no report stats as normally shown.     


XYZ.   Document Template Generation. (wishlist)

  1. When creating a Document template one has the limited option to link it to Contact or Accounts or Media or custom modules,
    1. This sorely limits the possibilities that could be had by having access to all modules placeholders (database fields),
    2. Something as whats is currently available when generating a Quotes template - dynamic variables such as {Contact.firstName}, {Quote.dateCreated}, {Account.name} etc. but its limited to the 3 modules only.       
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Hi eugeneb!


Thank you for the list!

We are looking into all these fixes and will notify you soon.

As an update here are our responses on the list of issues you have provided for us!


1. Login Screen Issue

A: We believe we have a fix to this regarding CSURF that should be in our next release!


2. Update Related Record

A: Josef worked on this before he left. Most of the code is finished so we will be picking up where he left off and polish!


3. Regarding the rest of the Bugs we will be working at them one at a time and 

give updates soon!




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Hi Eugene!


Update on the Bugs

#1 we have a fix for the integrity issue which we will be implementing on 7.2

#2 Regarding the static lists not able to add contacts I'm not getting this issue so I'm not sure. 

#3 Singing in with Google is not a bug, you need to sign into the account on your browser before you try to sign in.

Although we do need a better interface for this.

#4 Email Bug issue is also not able to be re-created for us, so again I'm not sure.


Regarding the feature requests we are looking at some soon and will update on which release they will be into!



Justin Toyomitsu

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