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Rules not working when making dynamic contact lists

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I have recenty come back to X2 after not using it for a while and have been having some problems.

I frequently import data, but want each import to be segregated into it's own list.

The logical way to do this is to either add an automatic tag in each import and group data by tags, or to set the rules in the list to "Create date equals today".

However, I have tried both of these methods to no avail.

It seems the rules are just not working. This means contacts from previous imports have made it into multiple lists, and have subsequently been sent duplicate emails.

I can't see any pattern that could explain the rules not working - it just seems to put a random number of people in the list, including some who don't comply to the rule, and leaving out some who do.

This is a huge issue for us, and I can no longer use X2CRM until this is fixed.

If anybody could explain how I could either fix this issue so that the rules work correctly, or how I can manually choose contacts and put them in a list, that would great.

I've seen there's an option for static lists but I'm not sure how to use them.

Any advice would be greatly welcome.




* UPDATE *  I've figured out how to add contacts to dynamic lists. I'd still prefer to get the dynamic lists fixed. if possible, but in the meantime, is there a way to selected a few pages, but not all, at once? I'm usually moving tens of thousands of data entries at a time, so moving them 100 at a time takes forever! * UPDATE *

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Hi Pmc,

Sorry to hear about your issue, for moving more then 100 contacts at a time you on the main view for contacts you can click on the top check box and then the system will ask I you want to select all contacts on all pages. You can use this to deal with multiple pages of contacts. You could also use a workflow to add/remove contacts from list and put all the contacts through the workflow to manage your list. Now for your list issue directly can you share a picture of the rules you have set for your dynamic list so we can try to recreate your issue on our end.


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