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UI Bug in Admin Module

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Hi guys,


I have really weird UI bug which I can't seem to isolate or fix via CSS. I am hosting many X2 instances on my server and this is isolated to literally one instance. Although all of them are the same running on the same setup.


The bug in this one instance is of a CSS and margin/padding nature. All over the UI there are slight misalignments, padding and margin issues. Very obvious as example is in my Admin module if I basically select any option, the alignment of the forms and padding is out. As example (attached) the result is that the content in the forms loaded is not all visible.


I have tried fixing this with CSS etc but I can't isolate the issue. Does anyone have an idea or even the same bug?


Any advice will be appreciated.






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Hi Attila,


I forgot to answer but then now had a look at your previous forum links. Yes thats whats happening. Alignment out. However, you solved it going from 6.6 to 6.9. I am already on 7.1 and its doing it.


Did that filer permission change to 775 have any influence. I tried mine all on 775 and still the problem.


Really stuck and this is the only instance of my 28 (on the same server) thats doing this. No idea why

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