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New Web Lead Capture Form

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Guest X2Matthew

Unfortunately you can't add custom fields yet. We intend to build out this tool a lot more, but it's going to take a while. It was relatively easy to add styling settings, so you can make the form blend in better with your website. If you're a developer, you can always write your own form and add fields to leadCapture.php (the form's action). That just uses our API to create contacts.

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Guest X2Matthew

For anyone not already aware, this feature is available in the Professional edition of X2CRM. You have a ton of control over the web lead form and can add/remove fields to your heart's content. There's nothing wrong with trying to develop your own modifications to the open source edition but it's already there in Pro. Here's a screenshot.


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Well it would be nice to have this in the community edition too. Take as an example the CMS TYPO3 - it has a GNU GPL v 2 License and Modules and Extensions are open source. This made actually this CRM so big and good and it grew its community to be so great. Same is actually also vTiger. As we are a 100% Free Open Software Solution Company we focus on solutions where we don't get our customers into licensing problems , i.e. by integrating modules and extensions they have to pay license fees for. Instead we encourage them to contribute time or money or qualified people as developers to those projects and we train lots of people.


A CRM which is not even capable to modify simple Forms in the Open Source edition and which has no reports is more or less worthless, even the other features are already a good start. This is why people are using products like vTiger or Sugar CRM which come from start with full feature sets which make a CRM a real CRM.


Your ideas are nice but because of the missing features not usable for lots of customers who depend on those features as most companies will need custom made forms.


Again - Take as a very good example the CMS TYPO3 which gets developed by a huge developer community all around the world and which provides its extensions free of charge and free of any blocking licensing. Also here we have developers who charge for certain extensions but still those extensions are Free Open Source Software.


As X2CRM has been developed as GNU GPL v2 project at the beginning actually all code depending on this version has to be GNU GPL v2 to. We really like this project and suggested it already to our customers but the missing features - especially the missing reporting and the usability for customers to create custom web forms is a no go for them. You could reach so much more people if you would simply focus more on Services provided with the full feature set, than restricting a nice product to be a useful an good product.


For us this would mean we would need to clone and maintain perhaps an own version of this peace of software. Perhaps others think the same and would like to join if we can't find another solution which makes this product available for the world! One major reason of your licensing problems are actually the license fees - you guess right - because people in certain regions of the world can't simply afford those high costs for a CRM, but they have good developers and they would like to contribute to the product either in coding or designing - i.e. the mobile part really needs to have much more features available to be a real competitor with the mobile apps of sugar crm and tiger - especially they should be capable to work offline as often you have no 3G connection here or even no internet but you have customers you want to get their data into the X2CRM - or they really can help you marketing your product by spreading the word and get you much more customers in regions like ours here. By the way for sure some of our customers will like the CRM with Form Creator and Reports after they were able to test it longterm entirely with their data and clients. Our experience is that customers than consider also booking professional services like yours. And as it would be FOSS we would contribute and promote it like we do same for TYPO3 and other FOSS Products.


Many small customers will make also big and even huge customers aware of this CRM as soon as those missing features will be integrated into the community version.

For now we have to consider forking or switching to vTiger which is already a well known and mature feature rich and easy to install CRM with great mobile apps in iOS and Android and even it can connect to Front Accounting and it can read leads from TYPO3 Power Mail Forms. The missing features are actually already in the CRM used for creating individual forms, so this code only need to be reused for the web forms and you are all set ;-). But what is the benefit out of this? Loosing customers to a feature rich forked community Version which would give us also the opportunity to integrate multi-tenancy to run your own CRM clouds or unhappy customers because features are only available in Professional Version. Well if you need to spend so much money than it is much better invested into products like vTiger or lots of already available online products.


Another example you really should compare your product with is the well known WORDPRESS. Here you have exactly what actually is your goal as individuals - earning money and saving time and salaries by using a huge developer community as open source resource for your coding and marketing.


"But the commercial side of the business is designed to support and to help fund X2CRM as a global open source project." - IMHO right now you are blocking exactly this effort because you limit X2CRM to an unusable worthless CRM as long as custom reporting and custom web form creation is not integrated and the system provides only very rudimentary functionality on mobiles.


Concerning Licensing Questions I will open up a new Topic: http://x2community.com/index.php?/topic/656-licensing-bsd-gnu-gpl-v2-v3-full-feature-community-crm-edition-forking/


Concerning our contribution

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For anyone not already aware, this feature is available in the Professional edition of X2CRM. You have a ton of control over the web lead form and can add/remove fields to your heart's content. There's nothing wrong with trying to develop your own modifications to the open source edition but it's already there in Pro. Here's a screenshot.


The screenshot your are showing is actually nothing more and already integrated on another place in X2CRM - The Form Generator is using the same functionality to create a Form and we only would need to integrate this code into the WebLead Form generator. ;-) - So what is so special that you don't integrate the complete WebLead Form generator into X2CRM as a standard. Custom forms which you can insert on any kind of websites - your own or customer websites would be a great argument for customers to try and use the Community Edition. If they get used to this edition then they would consider to use more features and you could sell your services. Without the possibility to create custom fields in the form i.e. not even being able to integrate a captcha or date field or a poll what the customer likes to requests to be contacted - New customers will not even start considering X2CRM as this contact form is very crucial for them.


In this case Zurmo would be the much better choice for your customers http://zurmo.org/license. GNU GPL v3 and also very fast and secure build on the yii framework.


here you can create date fields and really a lot of custom stuff! - And it has nice graphs - overall it looks like a former fork of X2CRM ;-)

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As a comparison Candidate!


Zurmo Release 1.1.0 ETA: February 27th, 2013


Conversation/Mission enhancements

Security Layer Phase 2

Zurmo Release 1.5.0 ETA: March 15th, 2013

Enhanced language management




Email Marketing Integration

Upload Company Logo

Product Catalog/Products

Outlook Integration

Exchange Integration

Gmail Integration

Zurmo ETA: Q2 2013


Project Management

Customer Portal

Zurmo ETA: Q3 2013

Gamification Phase 2

Skills/Coaching Module

Engagement Platform


Check out also this as an Example how community will contribute if it is GNU GPL v3


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Helo eveybody. This is my first post, trying to get started into this fantastic CRM,

i have developped this library (link below), in order to handle large forms in real time, maybe can be usefull for this CRM, now im getting experiencie in this CRM.


Can't find any download link! I need a way to implement custom forms for the web lead feature, but since I'm about to start a new company (startup) I can't spent the money for the non free edition.

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