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I have been unable to figure out how to mark a contact as "do not email".
After some digging, I've realised there should be a simple check box present on the contact's page, but I don't have that.
Can anyone explain to me how I fix this, or if there is another way to blacklist a contact from being included in a mass email?


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Hmmm, should be a standard field. It´s auto-set, if a contact opts-out. Or you can set it manually.



Try to check, if the field is present in .../index.php/admin/manageFields (admin-> X2Studio Module Customization Tools -> Manage Fields)


go to contacts, check for "do not email" should be a checkbox-field.


Additionally you should check if it´s visible in the form editor .../index.php/admin/editor?model=Contacts --> model = contacts



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Hi alt_f4,

I managed to fix it in form editor. 

For anyone who's looking for a solution to the same problem,

  • I went to Admin > X2Studio Customisation Tools > Form Editor
  • Where it says "Model", I selected "Contacts" in the drop-down menu
  • In the "Version" drop-down, I selected "Form (Default)" - this is what you see when editing a contact
  • In the Field List to the right of the screen, I dragged the "Do Not Email" box onto the form on the left, then clicked save
  • I then went back to the "Version" drop-down list, at the top of the page, and selected "View (Default)". This is what you see when just viewing a contact, rather than editing it
  • I then followed the same steps as before and saved
  • Now you should have the "Do Not Email" checkbox available when either editing or viewing a contact
  • To tick it, you simply click the "edit" icon next to the box, tick or untick it, and save
  • (FIY - A green tick means do not email and a red x means do email)

I hope this is helpful, as I have been frustrated, trying to figure this out for weeks.

Thanks so much for your help, alt_f4!

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