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Using X2CRM as Inventory DB with Service report...

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Dear X2 Community,


I just installed X2CRM (I am a turbo beginner :) and have plan useing it as a custom Inventory database / Service reports...


Account (or better customer) would stay as it is. Account would then have more inventory items (cnc machines) - for which I would use/modify Contact database.

I see no problem adding custom fields to contact, but there is in any case required to have filled First and Last name + visibility.


- For first name I would like to rename > Inventory serial Number

- For last name > Inventory name.


I can not see how to rename these fields?

Or is better to create new module? If so - any example how to link data between custom module (inventory database) to Account?


I would modify opportunities to Service Work Reports, where we would have Account + Inventory (machine) + Engineer name (user) and his Working hours per days table...



Does anyone have some practical advice for smoother beginning?


Have a Relaxing weekend,



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Hi Gregor,


You can change those names to your desired labels by going into the mysql database and change the entries in the x2_fields table, this would change the label but on the back end it would still be referred to as first name and last name, if this sounds too complicated I would recommend just making a new module.



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