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eugeneb:  Thanks for responding. I understand about & have used the Admin to modify drop downs.  This is a cool feature as are many other functions in the Admin.


I am referring to a hard coded drop down.  It would be a massive task to hand load all this data into X2.  Many applications come with drop downs supporting this requirement.



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Hi John,


No unfortunately you cant via the interface do dynamic or auto updating drop-downs. Or at least from what I am aware. Drop-downs are fixed.


Obviously you can do more with hardcoding but I tend to stay away from that. If I cant mod something for my customer via the interface I change my requirement rather...:-)

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Eugeneb:  actually making progress on this project.  No desire to hard code. An endless battle keeping customizations so they work with latest data base upgrades. 


1. Created a drop down for US states & Territories. Learned that there are territories I did not know about. 


2. Found a cvs delimited list of countries & abbreviations on line; French & English.  Found a csv import tool in the customization tab.  Anyway to import the csv file into a drop down?  seems I can import the data into contacts but not sure how to make it into drop down.

3. Any way to share my drop downs with the community in case others are interested?




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You can import CSV data into Contacts and via that process create fields for new imported fields, but not dropdowns from what I have seen. Haven't tried myself for dropdowns.


You should be able, on bulk to just load the list directly into the MySQL Database where the dropdowns are. That should be easiest.


Via the X2 interface the only way I know is to create the individual dropdown names/fields which in your case can be tedious.

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