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I am truly impressed with the platform and look forward to future releases.


The default theme and only theme is "x2 Engine".

We plan on developing our own theme... has anyone else successfully done so?


Has anyone come across customization restrictions?


Thanks in advance for your comments.



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This discussion was carried out via Private Message, but I will post the relevant information here for reference:


Hi there!


Sorry, I'm in the middle of setting up a new build for release and I've been slower on the forums than usual. About making a new theme: It is definitely possibly though we haven't seen anyone else try yet. The restrictions you are talking about refers to the small logos we include with our application. Out of respect for the authors of the software, we'd really prefer if those are left in, especially given that they're fairly small and non-intrusive.


Here's your options going forward for making a new theme:


1) You can edit the CSS files to your heart's content. You can make a copy of the themes/x2engine folder and go into the CSS and start screwing around with it. The CSS is decently organized, and you should be able to navigate around there fairly easily. If you need any assistance finding your way through the CSS I can refer you to another developer who deals a bit more with design than I do.


2) You can build a new theme from the ground up. This is more difficult and will probably require some knowledge of the Yii framework. You would want to make a new folder in the themes directory, and begin editing files. You'll need layouts, most importantly themes/your_theme/views/layouts/main.php and themes/your_theme/views/layouts/column3.php. If you want to go this route, you'll need to include our logos to not have any issues with the software. The three files that should be included are defined by these three lines of code. Make sure the ID of the element matches what is listed here:



<?php echo CHtml::image($themeUrl.'/images/x2touch.png','',array('id'=>'x2touch-logo')); ?>

<?php echo CHtml::image($themeUrl.'/images/x2footer.png','', array('id'=>'x2crm-logo')); ?></a>


<?php echo CHtml::link('',array('/site/page','view'=>'about'),array('id'=>'main-menu-icon'));?>



Where $themeUrl is obtained by calling




We would absolutely love to see come up with alternate themes for the software and I wish you luck!



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Where in the system do you tell it which theme to utilize?

Also, under Change Settings, Theme, you can edit some basic items and then save that 'light' theme. Where does it get saved to?

How can I made it that all users use the 'light' theme that I created by default?




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So this is a slightly different use case of the word "Theme" as in the post I had made before, I am referring to Yii's theme system which allows for changing the layout / display of PHP files in the software.


The new system that we call themes is something different, as it is a database stored piece of information that simply changes colors in the software. All of this data is stored in the "theme" column in the x2_profile table in the database.


I don't know that there's a way to force users to use a theme, but you could just manually copy the theme column or run an SQL query to update all the records. Also, the themes themselves are stored as objects in the media table.



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As I listed in my first reply to the thread, you'd want to modify the contents of the /themes/ directory. Our theme is called "x2engine" but you could easily create your own folder... however, this will remove all of our CSS and all images in our theme folder!


My big recommendation is to make a copy of our CSS to your own theme, edit the protected/config/main.php config file to use your theme, and then modify the copied CSS so still have something to work with rather than starting from scratch.



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Guys... I´m just trying to personalize the theme colors and I can´t do that... I tried into differente versions of x2crm and just can´t change colors, export the current theme or make any change... It´s just possible to set the different themes that software have, but the colors not correspond to the company colors and I must change it...

Someone can help me on what to do, what to change in each files to create a new theme or just can customize the current???

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Hi sgludovats! Would you mind telling us what version of X2 you have?


I believe you can further customize the themes we have by modifying the themes itself. Below the default themes are background, content, links etc options below

where you can chose your desired colors. I'm not quite sure how you want to change it? Is it possible if you can elaborate on this? 




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Hi, I tried from many different ways to change the colors when setting one of the themes that´s is provided in X2CRM as defaults... It just doesn´t work for me.. I tried to select themes then change the correspondent colors, or try to export the current theme but it just doesn´t work...  I even tried to change parameters in MySQL database in table named profile, just setting different colors in an user profile but it´s not reflecting any changes and not saving any changes that I do in profile tab for customize the theme color...

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I have the same problem as sgludovats described here. The 'Theme' section under 'Change Personal Settings' doesn't allow to alter any of the selected theme's color values (for background, content, font, etc).
I can select a new color, but it is never applied, whether I click on the 'Save' or on the 'Save Profile Settings'.
The new color selection is reverted to the original and no change is actually applied.
I tried this with practically all of the provided themes (Guava, Phosphor, Twilight, etc.)
Clicking on 'New' provides a field to enter a new theme name, but it also doesn't work. After clicking on 'Save Profile Settings', nothing happens.
The 'Export' button also doesn't do anything.
I don't get any notification of an error or a warning, it just flickers and then nothing.
I installed version 7.1 and then updated to version 8.5.
Is there a PHP module/extension that needs to be turned on, or is there a setting that deals with this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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