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email issue: Failed to open inbox.......... reports certificate failure

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Hi Everyone,


I am setting up a new instance of X2CRM and setting up the users. I define a new user, add their inbox (external email provider), add all the SMTP/IMAP details, choose validate and get SUCCESS message, then save the configuration.


Then when I select "email" from the top menu I get an error message:

"Failed to open IMAP connection. Please check your email configuration and ensure that your email credentials are valid. The error given was:"

(Screenshot attached)


Two questions:

1/ How do I solve / debug this?

2/ I cant find a way to go back and edit the email credentials (or delete and re-setup)? - How do I then change/update the user email config?


Any help will be appreciates.







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Hi Steve,


1. That looks like a certificate error at the server end. You can either get the certificate fixed (by far the most appropriate fix), or reduce the level of security in your email settings (eg from TLS to SSL or from SSL to No security). You can also try disable SSL validation (on my email settings it fixes my SSL issue) and sounds like it's an appropriate fix here too.


2. The email settings are located in Profile > Manage Apps. You can edit your email credentials and settings here. If they have been changed, you might also need to re-enter your credentials on your Inbox, however you don't have a credential problem


Hope this helps!


Warmest regards,



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