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X2Workflow in X2CRM - Updating Account based on Contact

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I am new to X2CRM and X2Workflow. I am trying to find out if it is possible to, and if so, how to, update the Account for an Opportunity based on the Contact saved for an Opportunity. For example, if I create a new Opportunity, and select a Contact, I would like the Account field for the Opportunity to automatically populate if said Contact is tied to an Account. I have tried a number of things in the X2Workflow configuration, but nothing seems to work.  Any ideas?



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Do you want this all happening on the creation form? If so, you won't be able to have it auto-populate as you fill out the new Opportunity form, but you can have to populate in the database upon saving the form, using the workflow Record Created and doing a comparison if the field is populated.

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Thanks so much for the reply! We are trying that as well, but are still muddling through exactly how to refer to the field(s) when setting up the Workflow. I am digging through the X2Workflow In-Depth User Manual to try to move forward.


So if my Workflow is triggered by Record Created, with Record Type: Opportunities, and Attribute Account is Empty, then I add Update Record task. It is here that I have had no success. I select Account from the drop down under Update fields on associated record, but am unsure was to what to put in the box next to Account to properly update the Account field in the Opportunity based on the Contact's assigned account. I tried {contacts.company} but that doesn't populate anything in the Account field in the Opportunity.





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