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ClamAV - Anti Virus Scanning Issue

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Hi again,


When we enable the "scan uploads", we are getting the following error:


"Unable to perform anti virus scan: the "clamscan" utility is not available on this system."


Running cPanel & WHM, I assumed that it meant the ClamAV Scanner that comes with the system. If someone has a way of fixing this, please let me know.


We are using v.6.9.3 if that helps.

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I know this is late (today is June of 2022), however, if you are getting this error it's because X2 is looking for the clamscan command in the wrong location. For example mine was located at /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/clamscan

To fix this I had to modify /protected/components/behaviors/ClamScanBehavior.php

line 64 - $testProc = proc_open('clamscan --help', $descriptor, $pipes);


        $testProc = proc_open('/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/clamscan --help', $descriptor, $pipes);

Once I did that, it worked! I wish X2 would give you the ability to configure this in the app instead of having to modify core files. BTW I am running v8.3.

Hope this helps someone else

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