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Double Email sent from Automation Workflow

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Hello All,


I have a weird issue that is coming up. If I create a trigger in the workflow based on a tag--that is, when I tag them with a specific tag it starts a workflow--I have no issue. However, when the tag is triggered from them filling out a Web form that I created where the tag is initiated from the web form, the trigger is sending two of the same emails back to back.


1) I have created a new Web lead form 

2) copied the generated iframe code to my WordPress site.

3) Created a workflow with Mail trigger for that particular User(PFA)

4) Try to submit a filled form from Word press site so that the information will be displayed contact of my x2crm instance as well a mail will be triggered to that particular user.


Problem here is back to back same email has been triggered. 


Please advice where it went wrong?

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Hello, I was seeing this issue also.  For me, I was seeing 2 copies in my Sent folders but as it turns out only 1 was actually being sent.  After some testing, I found that EMail -> Configure My Inbox had a setting Copy to Sent Folder.  Once this was disabled, problem solved.
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