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Email Widget Errors

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#1 PublishItNow


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Posted 08 October 2017 - 08:53 PM

Hi Guys,


I've recently started having issues with the email widget. Essentially what happens is when I go to try to read an email on a particular email inbox (inbox #1) the loading wheel comes up but the email doesn't. Changing to a different folder within that inbox doesn't fix the problem. Additionally, the system processed an incoming email in that inbox as an empty one when assigning it to the contact. Deleting and moving messages also doesn't work. This was working fine until a couple days ago. It's possible, but not certain, this may have occurred when I changed default account to a different inbox. 


However, when I change the widget to another email (either inbox #2 or #3) it works fine, except for deleting. An incoming email was properly captured against the record.


I've tried deleting the inbox and resetting it up. Settings are the same as the other two inboxes, other than the specific login credentials.


One of the inboxes also randomly deleted an email completely (inbox #2). There's no sign of the email in trash, nor when I log into webmail directly. It's just gone. Fortunately this is the one the system captured properly. 


There's also an error where the controls don't always show up when selecting an email, both in the widget, and the email module. This is usually rectified by reloading the page, or changing boxes and coming back again. Annoying but can be fixed at the same time.


Additionally, there's an error which comes up after moving or deleting an email where the inbox disappears and is replaced by the message "failure". Reloading the page causes the widget to display properly again, with the operation completed. This one's been pretty consistent for a while.


Finally I'd like to ask that the repeated Re:'s in the subject line get fixed. The code I'm using to fix this behaviour is:


Fix Email Reply Subject Line Behaviour




           setSubjectField ('Re: ' + messageAttrs.subject).

           prependToBody ($('<br/><br/><br/>').add (body$)).

           hideShowSubjectField (true);*/



var subject = messageAttrs.subject;

       var subjectPrefix = '';

       if (subject.substring(0, 4) != 'Re: ' && subject.substring(0, 4) != 'RE: ')

           subjectPrefix = 'Re: ';


           setSubjectField (subjectPrefix + messageAttrs.subject).

           prependToBody ($('<br/><br/><br/>').add (body$)).

           hideShowSubjectField (true);


At Line #: 562

In File: emailInboxesGridSettings.js

Location: x2engine-pro\protected\modules\emailInboxes\assets\js

Notes: May also need to be replaced in the cache folder (x2engine-pro\assets\)

But it would be nice to not have to change it every update (I'm aware I can put it in protected, but given the email functionality is being worked on in the last few updates, I prefer to get the updated behaviour first).


Warmest regards,



#2 PublishItNow


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Posted 11 October 2017 - 12:22 AM



Emails are also being incorrectly logged against the wrong records too.


I will attempt to delete all inboxes, and set them all up again.





#3 X2Isaiah


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Posted 11 October 2017 - 10:17 AM

Hey PublishItNow,


Sorry to hear about your issue with the email widget.


Which version of X2CRM are you using? Browser and OS? First, try repeating the same thing in a private window (or incognito mode) and see if the issues are still repeating. Also, check the JavaScript console in your browser. Another place that helps with debugging is in /protected/runtime in the files error.log and application.log. Hope that helps.


In regards to the "Re:"'s, we can try to get that in the next release.

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