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In contacts, I have shipping address information. I would like to have that information display in the quotes forms. Created fields in quotes that lookup the relevant fields. Modified quotes form to have those fields expecting them to be auto populated based on which contact was selected. Does not happen. Am I doing something wrong or are my expectations just plain wrong?



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Hi rayd, 


If you are simply adding the shipping address fields to the quote form without building a relationship with the Contact field, those fields will not populate in itself. Furthermore, if you want to auto-populate these fields and then perform some calculation based on the shipping address etc, you will also need further customization to allow these adjustments. 

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thanks for the reply.


The fields I created in the quote references the fields in the contact via lookups. No calculations required, just need the shipping address to display in the quote.. Am I missing a step somewhere? This is possible, correct?



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