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Document merge - How to make a document template ?

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Hi Community,


In X2crm it is possible to make in Docs a template for e-mail with  dynamic variables such as {firstName}, {lastName} or {phone} in the template. 


But how about merging a physical document for printing with dynamic variables ?


I have noticed that this is possible with quotes and invoices and als whem making campaings there is the possibilty to use variables.


Searching this form i saw topics dated 2013 where is mentioned that document merge is not (yet) possible. 

Is there any change or experience in the community now how to merge document or make doc. templates?


Can anybody help me or point me in to a direction where to look?


Looking forward for your response, and always ready to help you back.




The Netherlands

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Hi Community,


Here an update of my progress with this topic about document merge 

After deep searching the forum and other sources like X2crm videos and the help guide i conclude that there is no possibility to mail merge data to printable documents. 

Merging data with e-mails is possible and that works realy good. When sellecting an [attribute] you immediatly see the result. With our former crm that was not the case. You only saw the attribute/variable and only could see the result after sending the mail. But that aside.


We do have to match data with printable documents.

The only way i could find that came close was with creating a: Quote.

When making a Quote and Invoice, there is the possibility to use the [attributes] And, even more then with e-mail because with quotes you can use data from: Contacts and Acounts.

But i met to much compromisses to make a work-around of this to make a nice formatted printable document.


Now i am changing my focus to find a document merge solution outside X2CRM. I do hope that there is any kind of API or other intergration possibility with an text-editor like MS-Word or LibreOffice or OpenOffice or so.


So, if you read this and you know a way to merge data with documents or can point me to a external solution? Please reply.


I will be grateful, and always ready to help you back.




The Netherlands

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We use a custom Docgen Module in X2 running Twig  -  My philosophy -  "capture once, use many" 


1) the Docgen module give us access to all field place holders in 4 predefined modules (Accounts, Contacts, Projects, Tenant. - all in  + 300 fields)

2) We use X2's built in Ckeditor (full version) to create various Offer, Leases, etc etc. templates using relevant place holders from the above modules. all in Legal format equal to what one does in MS Word  

3) the user once happy with the data captured in the Tenant module ( mostly financial and dates)  Generates a document selecting from the available templates in the dropdown

4) Twig marries the template and data in placeholder and displays the doc in Print preview mode,    The user saves the document, if need does minor editing (strike throughs, inserts logos), Saves and CtrlP to PDF



To give you an example, our average shopping center  has +- 200 tenants,  We've cut down the workload to generate a comprehensive lease with supporting documentation in MS Word from 45 - 60min to 10min via X2CRM  =  Lease Document, Deed of Suretyship (multiple), Bank guarantee, Company Resolution and Consumer Certificate.     


PS: The templates are complex for example: using CSS and Html code that  convert numbers into words, has conditional formatting to include or exclude clauses, converts Unix Dates to standard date formats, etc etc 


anyway just my 2 cents            

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