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install x2CRM 6.9 error

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I made a fresh install of x2 6.9 and when I go to the x2flow and try to make a new flow I get this error: 

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate abstract class BaseX2FlowLocation in /xxxx/xxxxx/public_html/xxxxx.com/xxxx/protected/components/x2flow/X2FlowItem.php on line 245
Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
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Hey gsonline,


The location actions have actually been deprecated and replaced for the more robust location shortcode. However, with the update process some of the code and files may not have 'deleted' properly.


Do you think you can send me the list of files that are in your /protected/components/x2flow/actions/* and we can try to debug from there.

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Hey gsonline,


What I would recommend (after backing up your database and files) is to go to the line in X2FlowItem where it mentions BaseX2FlowLocation and remove that text. Then I would remove the files BaseX2FlowLocation, X2FlowLocationActivityFeed, X2FlowLocationText, X2FlowLocationEmail, and X2FlowLocationNotification. That should fix the issue. Let me know what happens.

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I cannot install x2crm version 6.9.

I get the following message every time '


  • Error installing module "users". SQL statement "ALTER TABLE `x2_calendar_permissions` ADD CONSTRAI..." failed;HY000,1215,Cannot add foreign key constraint

I have tried every fix that I can find but nothing will get me passed this error on the install page.


Any help will be appreciated.




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