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Update X2Engine to 6.6 from 6.5.2 download error

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Morning Gents,


New to the X2CRM forum....


I have tried to update from 6.5.2 to 6.2  with the X2CRM remote update utility, did a backup and I get following error.


Exception: "Could not download package; update server error." in /home/rns/public_html/protected/components/UpdaterBehavior.php L831



I looked at Line 831 but its non descriptive   Can anyone  Please shed some light for me.


Running on Centos 7 with Webmin Virtualmin  installing on a virtual server.





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Hello Attila,


Based on where the exception was thrown, this could be caused by an actual update server error or due to a permissions issue. Similar requests look like they're succeeding on the update server, so it is likely due to the permissions configuration. You'll want to ensure that the user executing the web server process is the same user that owns the webroot. When retrieving a new version, the update package is saved to the webroot for use in the update. If you'd like, you can also PM me the external IP address of your server and I can examine your update requests more closely.


To check the permissions, first get the user executing the web server process, or PHP server if using an app server like php-fpm, with a command similar to:

ps aux | grep -E '(apache|http|php)'

The user is displayed in the second column. Next, examine the ownership and the permissions on the webroot with a command like:

ls -al /var/www/html

substituting your webroot as appropriate. Finally, update the ownership or permissions to reflect the PHP process user.


It is also required that either the php curl extension is installed and enabled, or that allow_url_fopen is enabled in order to retrieve the update package. The requirements.php script should warn you about this is if they are missing.



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