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Cannot find the translation manager in X2CRM Version 6.6

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I cannot find the translation manager under the administration tools. But I did some workarounds and I was able to access it via the following URL.



Even though I accessed the translation manager, it's not loading the keywords to translate. When I click on the translation template in the left panel, the right panel remains empty (Please check the attached screenshot).

I'm using the X2CRM version 6.6 and it's properly installed. Please advice me to fix this issue.


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The translation manager was removed a few versions back, as it was no longer compatible with the translation system. We may refactor it to support the changes for user convenience, but it is still low priority. Please see this related forum thread: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/2654-lost-the-x2translation-menu/

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With the new version 7.0 our translations (de) are causing a quite strange error: In the searchgrids (accounts, companies) is a search not longer possible (returns no findings). When switching to standard/english, everything seems to be fine.


Was anything changed with this version?



Kind regards, altf4



Console gives me an error back...may this could be related?


while translation (de) is active...

[DOM] Found 5 elements with non-unique id #_x2widget_namespace: (More info: https://goo.gl/9p2vKq) 

<input type="hidden" value="MassPublishActionActionForm0" name="_x2widget_namespace" id="_x2widget_namespace">

<input type="hidden" value="" name="_x2widget_namespace" id="_x2widget_namespace">

<input type="hidden" value="MassPublishCallActionForm0" name="_x2widget_namespace" id="_x2widget_namespace">

<input type="hidden" value="MassPublishNoteActionForm0" name="_x2widget_namespace" id="_x2widget_namespace">

<input type="hidden" value="MassPublishTimeActionForm0" name="_x2widget_namespace" id="_x2widget_namespace">

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