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Filter Based on 'Does NOT contain' TAG

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I've now imported a long list of contacts that are based on containing several tags in each.. This is a powerful feature. 


However, I've sent messaged to all those in my DB with a certain TAG. Now, I need to filter them out, so I can send to the 'other half' of contacts.


Set on my Contacts Page with a long list, I'm determined find all contacts that DO NOT CONTAIN a certain tag. I see there is NOT Equal To.. Doesn't appear to work. Also, Lists do not provide for a NOT choice on Tags.


Any ideas?

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That is correct, the conditions unfortunately do not yet support a "not" option for tags or list. You should be able to do this by instead adding all of your contacts to a list, then removing those with the tags.


First, create a new static list, then add all of your contacts to it. Then, in the column selector above the grid for that list, enable the "Tags" column, then filter it for your certain TAG you already mailed. Next, click the top-left checkbox to select all contacts on the page, then hit "more" above the grid and choose "Remove selected from list." Unfortunately, the contacts list page does not yet have a "select all across all pages" option yet, so if you're dealing with a large number of contacts, you may have to repeat this for multiple pages.



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Good day.

I have a simple, even though not very elegant solution.

To do this, I download all the data of the table (lead, contacts, products, etc.) you want to filter into CSV format.


I open it with Libreoffice (or similar) and filter. There it is no issue to filter with all kind of conditions.


Then I upload those data again. 



1. make sure you do not touch ID and name_ID etc.

2. mark "update existing records" when importing the data.


That's it.


It is especially usefull if you want to change one field in records, or update/ delete records, who do not contain a certain value in a field.

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