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Unable to Restrict users only to couple of modules

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Hi All,


I have a couple of questions on permissions: 
Unless I provide complete Admin access to a user role, there is currently no way we can allow an individual to create the following in their own instance: 
--Processes (create new) 
--X2Workflow (create new) 
This becomes an issue when we want to scale and provide the ability of individual users to have access to Processes and X2Workflows. I just want to give a permission to make an individual user the ability to create and manage both Processes and X2Workflows without giving them full access rights to X2 Admin.could you please provide me the information on how to achieve this?
Thanks in Advance!
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We've already followed up with this in a private message, but I just wanted to leave my response here for the community:


You can actually limit their access to Admin level in the respective modules. If you visit the Edit User Permissions and Access Rules page in the admin panel, you can modify their Role to include admin permission in the Marketing and Process modules. Unfortunately, for X2Workflow access, access cannot be given at a more granular level than to the Marketing module as a whole.


Another thing to note is that there is also the "Default Role," which is applied before the user's other Roles. As such, you'll want to ensure that the default role has the least permission, as the permissions granted there will take precedence.

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