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Email to only contacts who has not opened email

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I'm using X2CRM today to do email campaigns and face the issue of needing to email ONLY the persons who has not opened the email.

Is there a way to do this? This is really needed as the campaign is for invoices.


Or is there a way to export the list of users who has opened it and then creating a new list?


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Currently there is no way to use the UI to split the non-openers from your list. This won't work for a campaign you've already executed, but in the future you should be able to do so using tags.


You'll want to tag everyone on your list with a tag specific to that campaign, like #spring17nonopener. Then, set up a workflow to trigger on Campaign Email Opened, limited to just this campaign. Then, add an action to remove the #spring17nonopener tag. With this in place, you can create a new dynamic list based on the Contacts who have the tag.

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