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When following the installation instructions on the website it states that once you have successfully installed x2CRM, then you can upgrade seamlessly to the Professional Edition. I also saw in some of the other forum threads mention was made of the Platinum Edition.


My question is - nowhere on the website (well, at least not that I can find :)) do I see anything detailing the fact that there are multiple editions and what the differences between those editions are? It also doesn't indicate how much each of those editions cost and how they differ from the Open Source Edition?

If somebody can please enlighten me as to where I can get hold of this information I would greatly appreciate it :)





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Hello Werner,


With the version 6.0 release, the pro and pla editions were fully open-sourced and added to the community edition! You should be able to find all the mentioned functionality in your open source install, there are some references to the editions lingering in the documentation though.



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