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Is there a guide to the various widgets?

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Is there a guide to the various widgets?


For example, there is a widget called "top sites".

  • What is the intended use for this widget?
  • What do other people use it for?


For example, the message board widget. I tried adding a motivational message and hitting update but nothing seems to update when I refreshed the page things were still the same...

  • What is this widget for and how do I use it?
  • Have I misunderstood this widget or have I hit a bug?
  • What is the intended use for this widget?
  • What sort of tasks is it suited to?


I don't mean to sound like such an ignoramus, I'm just having trouble getting my head around a few things.

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Hi Matt,


No, currently there is not a section on the widgets in the X2CRM User Reference. However, that would be a useful resource to have available, so I will make note of this for documentation improvements.


For your widget-specific questions:

  • The top sites widget can be used to collect various links useful for the system users, perhaps another internal business system, or maybe a public facing resource.
  • The message board widget is to be used as you have assumed, but it does sound like you have hit a bug. It should be restricted to the admin to edit messages. It appears that a user whose Role has been marked as admin will be presented the edit link, but will not be able to make the change, so I suspect you are using a user who has been marked as admin in this way. I'll fix the widgets behavior in this situation, thanks for reporting this bug.


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