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Topics are used to collect notes and messages all regarding a certain subject. These are akin to forum threads for example, allowing the user to collect similar thoughts into an organized, central location.


That sounds possibly useful, perhaps more so with larger team. Can you give me some examples of how this might be used?

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Certainly, take for example a marketing firm using Topics to organize information about various campaigns. In the topic, they may collect various thoughts on planning, execution, and analysis of their results. Since Topics support Relationships and Tags, they may opt to tag the topic with their campaign name for organization and searching. They may also add relationships between their Topic and say the Campaign, any Docs related to the campaign, including email templates, or maybe even associated Contacts or Accounts. This way an employee can navigate through the Topic to get the latest notes on the campaign, as well as quick access to any of the related records within the CRM.


In another scenario, a company may be performing an SEO audit of one of their web properties. Here they may be collecting various links, results, and findings as they are analyzing their website. They may include Relationships to their associated Docs, perhaps different versions of their site copy optimizing their keyword usage.


Six months down the line, the company can now look back on their collected notes for any of these events. Since everything was added to the Topic, they have a central location to access all their notes and thoughts, as well as links to any of the associated records in the system.


Hope this helps give you some ideas, we've intended for this to be very flexible though so you should be able to repurpose it for all sorts of tasks.

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