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How do I add a lead to a newsletter from the workflow?

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Currently the Add to List action is restricted to using static lists, and cannot be used to add a contact to a newsletter list. As such, this makes it difficult to have a newsletter of both email addresses and Contacts, accepted using both the newsletter form and weblead form.


To send newsletter emails to addresses collected using both methods, you'll want to maintain two separate lists and send the message to both lists. However, since you actually have more information about the Contact, you may want to use different campaign templates anyway, e.g., for the use of attributes like {firstName}. For your list of Contacts, this can either be managed as a static list which you add Contacts to via workflow, or by using a dynamic list on a certain tag that is added by your weblead form.


Please let me know your thoughts on this, and I will explore possible improvements that would simplify managing lists in this manner for the future.

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