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Hi, guys!


I'm planning to use bulk email campaigns for my subscriber's list (now ~10000 contacts), but have a ploblem. I connected X2CRM to my current SMTP provider and send campaign email to test list (~300 contacts). And it takes 3 minutes, it's really slow (< 2 emails per second). So I thought maybe there was problems with my SMTP provider or with channel, and tried to send campaign using fake SMTP server (https://nilhcem.github.io/FakeSMTP/), installed on the same server that X2CRM installed, just to measure burst send rate. And got the same send rate (1-2 mails per second). During this CPU load was low, HDD i/o too, memory consumption too. Where is the bottleneck? Any solutions to increase send rate to 50 emails per second?


And another strange thing - when I leave the campaign page during sending process - it stops sending mails to SMTP server. Is it normal?

P.S. Tried it on X2 demo server - it has same problem. It's not good when you must to keep your campaign page opened in browser during all sending process (it can lasts many hours).

P.P.S. Also campaign planning is not working - when I back to campaign page that must be already sent, I see this:






There is no outgoing emails to SMTP, but it says that Email Delivery Complete


P.P.P.S. Installed new 6.5 version - campaign sending and planning now works well! Thanks!

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