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X2CRM | Open Source CRM version 6.0.3 Feature Update

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Today we are pleased to release X2CRM version 6.0.3. For a small point release it features a number of new capabilities including updated Android and iOS apps, new X2Workflow mass actions, smart Web Lead Capture forms and a more simplified Administration panel. In addition version 6.0.3 includes two new beta features a new AWS powered bulk emailer and advanced Jasper reporting. 


X2CRM Version 6.0.3 Update Highlights:


X2CRM Mobile Android and iOS Apps 

X2CRM 6.0.3 introduces a number of new mobile application enhancements. X2CRM is fast becoming a primary tool for mobile users by allowing the full contact action history to be seen on mobile devices. A new tab interface now allows users to post notes along with the ability to delete actions in a contact action history record. Users can also take photos, create, search, view and edit customer records in a new compact Android & iOS mobile applications.





X2Workflow Automation 

X2Workflow is a CRM Automation Designer which allows CRM Admins to track website visitors, capture web leads and create automated actions based on customer behaviors. X2Workflow is a clever and incredibly customizable business tool that places the power of X2CRM marketing, sales and service processes in the hands of customers, allowing them to fine tune their business and harness the abilities of the X2Engine platform.


New in this release is a "Change Record" X2Workflow Action. This new workflow action allows users to switch to a related record during a workflow execution. Users can use it to do things like update a "total sales" amount on a Contact when a Quote is marked as won or otherwise update related records in response to X2Wofkflow triggers.


Additionally a new "Mass Execute Macro" action is available. The record list grid view now supports mass execution of Macro-type workflows. Users can select records using the record grid view checkboxes and click the new "Execute Macro" option to run a Macro-type workflow on multiple records at the same time.




Secure Web Lead Capture with File Uploads & Workflow Routing 

X2CRM now includes built-in CAPTCHA on weblead forms: Weblead, service, and newsletter forms can now optionally require a CAPTCHA upon submission to prevent spam. This can be configured under the 'advanced' tab of the weblead form designer.


Website visitors can now upload files on X2 Web Lead Capture forms. Web lead and service forms can now be configured to allow file uploads. File uploads also include Media virus scanning. 




Bulk Email Service - With version 6.0.3 X2VPS, hosted customers now can utilize Amazon AWS, Email Send and Receive Service for no additional charge for 50,000 or less emails per month. A one-time $100.00 setup fee is required to activate this service. Support for X2CRM open source users will also be supported based on account verification. With this new mass email capability, users are no-longer required to use third party bulk email services - saving time and money. 


Email Correspondence  - X2CRM can now monitor users email inboxes and automatically attach customer emails to CRM records. Marketing workflows can then be triggered create automated responses and alerts. In addition to tracking, alerting and logging when customer emails are opened, users can now add workflow automation triggers to automate responses, alerts or activate other actions within X2Workflow. Emails sent from automated marketing workflows can now activate new workflows when emails are opened by prospects. 


Advanced Reporting Server - Version 6.0.3 features a first beta release of the powerful Jaspersoft Reports for X2CRM. This is a free service for X2VPS customers. Support for on-premise/cloud X2CRM open source users is targeted release in September. 


Simplified Administration Console - X2CRM now features an updated, streamlined Administration console. All configuration settings have been combined into a single view and allow administrators to rearrange menu items to suit their individual preferences. 


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