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Hi All

I am considering using the X2 platform for our resort complex with various departments that are separate in some areas but connected in others.

How to I clean up the X2 user gui? I looked at the demo server and the user view is to busy. Imagine how it will look with 17 department's info on it.


Can a departmental  log in be created so that only departmental relevant info is displayed?

Please advice on the best way to add the following functions.


HR: Employee performance management.

ERP: Inventory and budget management, suppliers

Assets: Performance and preventative maintenance management( assets a very diverse )/ Asset settings(150 columns and expanding-technician mobile access)

OH&S(Health &Safety) Registers,Servicing, Audits



I basically need to create a Ops management system. We have the commercial systems but they lack the integration part and are extremely expensive the get custom development.

The X2 platform seems to be able to handle this. Other open source platforms are difficult for laymen to modify(Apache OfBiz, Odoo ext)

I am considering this platform as it seems easy modifiable by non programmers/developers.


Thanks you



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I think that it can be implemented in the initial phase modules, which can then be integrated into the main development branch.

Perhaps the  developers should create a project on Github (modules), which can run third-party developers .....


But I am now faced with some aspects in the import and export of the following modules.

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