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Hi guys,


I am generating various ACTION reports (Grid and other) based on date fields as criteria. To limit my report outcome, as example to this month's data, I include criteria of Create Date (Month) must equal 6 for June.


Can one use {variables} in these criteria fields to have the month be {currentmonth} or something to always have the field as the current month.


in my way described above it means I will always have to update the report criteria for the current month instead of having it 'trail'.


I hope this explains what I want to do.





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Hi Eugene,


Unfortunately that's not possible right now--but I agree that it would be a great feature to add. I'll make a note of it and see if I can fit it into the release after 6.0.2.



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Thanks Jake,


We need a way to maintain a trailing date method. As an example, I am trying to get web activity per calendar day e.g., 1-30 of a month. I have to limit the selection to say month 6 otherwise it will be as all activity of day 1 from all months


Have you guys got some 'best practise' manual or advise on reports and analytics. you reports engine and charts are fantastic. I am playing around with creating sensible reports but not sure if you have suggestions.


As example I am trying to create a webactivity report say from beginning of 2016 per day and then chart it.

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