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[Solved] 6.0.1 Google and Twitter integration

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Hi guys, 

I just joined last week and I am amazed by X2CRM !!!!


I'm trying to use the twitter and google integration, but all that happens for me are that the admin pages just say "Saved at [ThisTime]", and load again, empty...


both google integration and twitter integration do that, am I doing something wrong ?


Your help will be greatly appreciated !



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That's the answer I get from google for a login attempt


no registered origin

Request Details

That’s all we know.


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The page says "saved at [time]" because the fields are encrypted and as such not shown to you once entered. If everything went correctly you should see "Protected field value" in those fields. The error message you're reporting sounds like it has to do with the authorized JavaScript origin configuration section of your Google API client. Could you double check that that value is set correctly?



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Thanks for your help Jake!


for the pages within X2, i DO see "Protected field value", so, all good!


in fact I had created the oauth2id as "other" instead of "web app", and I there was then no place to register the js-origin...

so, I did that, and then, It worked only when I registered my domain name without the www at the start...


do you think it matters?


In any case, Thanks a lot!!!!! much appreciated!

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