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Simple solution: Try to add some HTML-code in every form (additional settings --> advanced --> custom HEAD), e.g. 


<input type="text" name="foo" style="display: none;">


and sort it out, if filled - only spambots will fill your "honeypot field".



KR, Michael

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Hi alt_f4,


Thanks for that.  Ive put the following in head and CSS:


<p class="antispam">Leave this empty<input type="text" name="url"></p>
// if the url field is empty 
if(isset($_POST['url']) && $_POST['url'] == ''){
     // then send the form to your email
          mail( 'you@yoursite.com', 'Contact Form', print_r($_POST,true) ); 
// otherwise, let the spammer think that they got their message through
.antispam { display:none;}
This seems to work, however, the form, no longer displays the short message conforming the email has been sent.
Any ideas?
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Hmmm, maybe someone from the staff jumps in?


Guess an integration of google re-captcha would be nice (X2 has already some google stuff integrated, guess it wouldn´t be a big deal)?



We´re using WP with NinjaFirewall to integrate X2 - NinjaFirewall has a transparent anti-spam system. And adds an extra layer of security.


KR, Michael

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Sorry for the late reply, but yes, the honeypot field alt_f4 has suggested should work perfectly. However, if you're adding that PHP code to the custom CSS in the weblead designer, then it will unfortunately not function as expected. If you want to go this route, you'll need to customize the WebFormAction component.


That said, I agree completely that CAPTCHA would be nice in this situation, and am happy to report that CAPTCHA integration on weblead and service case forms is well underway, and should be available in the next update.



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