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Hi folks!

Please join us for X2TechTalk II our bi-weekly informal administrator and developer webcast. If you'd like to get involved with future tech talks, send an email to techtalk@x2engine.com!

Today's Tech Talk covered the following information:

  • X2CRM 6.0.1 Update
  • Riders Guide for CRM Performance
  • X2Touch Android Mobile App
  • Workflow Designer Demo
  • New Collaborative Developer Tools
  • WebTraker, WebLead Capture Admin Demo

Here is a link to the video: https://player.vimeo...&profile_id=174


Links to things we mentioned: 

X2CRM Workflow Guide - https://www.x2crm.com/x2flow_user_manual/
X2CRM GitHub - https://github.com/X2Engine/X2CRM
X2DeveloperTools GitHub - https://github.com/X...2DeveloperTools
Contributor License Agreement - https://www.clahub.c.../X2Engine/X2CRM

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