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Hi, all!


With the release of X2CRM 6.0 we are pleased to announce a revamp of our development process to make contributions from the community a possibility. Previously, our open source repository was only used to release the open source edition of the codebase on GitHub but going forwards we will be moving all active development into this repository. This means that we will be accepting pull requests from the community as well as using GitHub's issue tracker which we were previously incapable of doing.


To get started with contributing to X2CRM, the first thing we need you to do is to sign our Contributor License Agreement so that we can accept your code into our codebase.


In terms of how the GitHub repository is structured, the "master" branch will be used for releases so that if someone comes to the repository and downloads the current master branch they will have a stable version of the project to install. All development will occur on the appropriately named "development" branch, with larger projects by core X2Engine developers having their own branches. Please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file on our Git repository for more detailed instructions for development.


As time goes on we will be updating this post with more information about our development process. We plan to transition to using the PSR-2 coding standards and Travis CI in the near future.


UPDATE: We have decided to publicize some of our internal development tools that makes installing and developing X2CRM easier. You can find these tools at the GitHub repository here: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2DeveloperTools

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