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[Solved] Tags dont show in widget after creating them

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Hi guys,


if I create a tag in a record, they should appear in the tag cloud widget? Mine doesn't show after I have created it in various records by retyping it each time. I can refresh and everything, no show in the tag cloud. Even if I select My own or All tags.


Any suggestions?



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Hey Eugene,


There are a handful of things that may be preventing your tags from appearing. Just to be sure, I'd check the user preferences page and check for the tags presence underthe "Unhide Tags" section. Then, you might want to check how many tags are in use, as the TagCloud widget has a hard coded limit of retrieving 20 tags on lines 54 and 63 of protected/components/TagCloud.php. You can either remove existing tags, or update this limit to display more tags. If neither of these are found to be the cause, you might want to verify that the tag was actually inserted into the database.



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Thanks Ray,


Seems to have been the amount. Increased it to 50 and shows the ones I was looking for.


Is there any way to sort the tags alphabetically in the widget. It's a mission to find a tag without then in a order. Can be hard coded, doesn't need to be a feature.

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