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Does anyone have a recommendation of a developer to use for custom form creation who is already familiar with the X2 API? We have several different forms that we need to create with some rather complicated customizations. For example, we'd like to:

  • parse information into existing records rather than creating duplicates
  • auto-fill information for existing contacts that have a web tracker linked with their account
  • add captcha to all forms
  • customize the submission response (instead of the X2 default)
  • create several different types of forms

While we could certainly go find any developer and work with them to achieve this, it would be great to find someone who is already familiar with the way X2 works. Any recommendations?

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The x2engine API is pretty straightforward, here's a client class in PHP I put together this morning..




(updated for "composer" install, see readme)


Should be a piece of cake to set up custom forms.


an aside, MY opinion is that captchas aren't so great. It's better to check information about the HTTP connection and also check the content of the received information to remove unwanted junk entries. Scripted form submissions will immediately close the HTTP connection after sending the payload. This just doesn't happen with "real people" using web browsers. captchas are annoying and cumbersome for many users anyway :)


 x2engine seems pretty good about reporting duplicate contacts / accounts - when you view a contact record in x2engine admin it reports "possible duplicate contact" with several options.

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