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You got a error...guess a.) you´re using an outdated version or b.) your public URL is not set .../index.php/admin/publicInfo --> see under ADMIN, Public Info Settings


Error 400
The CSRF token could not be verified. 
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Yes, I believe alt_f4's suggestion is correct. You will need to update your "Public Info Settings" to specify a tracking domain for your site, in the form of a subdomain of your primary site. This is required to allow access to cookies (hence the CSRF token validation error). This requires a DNS CNAME to be prepared beforehand. Additionally, since you are a hosted X2CRM customer, we will need to update your server configuration to serve your new tracking domain, please PM me with details of your tracking domain after the DNS record has been created.



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I have a same problem, X2CRM does not get leads from web lead form. I created web lead form and it was located in my site by iframe. I can see the form very well) But when I tested the form X2CRM did not get new leads and I had a notice in concole:

 "error fetching geolocation data weblead?bgc=%23ffffff&font=arial&bc=%23a79696&iframeHeight=385&webFormId=5&css=redirectUrl=:140 "


"error fetching geolocation data, weblead?bgc=%23ffffff&font=arial&bc=%23a79696&iframeHeight=385&webFormId=4&css=redirectUrl=:143"

And I sometimes got error 400, "The CSRF token could not be verified."

Public Info Settings of X2CRM:

External / Public Base URL - https://crm.mysite.don.ua

External / Public Base URI - empty, because main domen is https://mysite.don.ua

CNAME was not created in main domen

Help me please, friend

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