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X2CRM 5.4.1

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In a special two-for-one announcement, the changelog for 5.4 will also be included in this thread. 

  • General Changelog / Developer Notes
    • Fixed opened email display in action history
    • Fixed mass action menu displaying when scrolling up
    • Fixed 404 error caused by clicking on a user profile from the activity feed
    • Fixed avatars not displaying correctly 
    • Fixes and improvements to X2Touch


  • Highlights
    • Platinum Edition Changes:
      • Added Role and permissions support to X2Packager
      • Configure user password complexity requirements
      • Failed login grid now maintains historical records
    • Professional Edition Changes:
      • Native X2CRM Android App (Beta) - Forthcoming
        • Manage Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and more
        • Get activity feed updates, comment on feed events, and post photos
        • View interactive Charts Dashboard
        • Access records from custom modules
      • Automatic inbound and outbound email logging in Email Inboxes
      • New email related triggers and conditions in X2Workflow
      • New email opened trigger and condition for X2Workflow
      • New export target options allowing data exports to an FTP or SSH server, Amazon S3, and Google Drive, as well as optionally compressing the export to a ZIP archive
      • Added ability to shard static assets over multiple domains
    • Process module visualization now supports any record type
    • New "Favorites" widget replaces "Top Contacts", allowing quick access to frequently used records of any type
    • New top bar customization options:
      • Add links to external URLs
      • Add links to arbitrary records inside X2CRM
    • Improved importer link field controls allowing selection of attribute to match for linked records
  • General Changelog / Developer Notes
    • Added ability to rename folders in Docs module
    • Process stage order can now be edited without the risk of data loss
    • Back end code refactoring and stability improvements
    • Major translation updates to remove unused text
    • Fixed a bug where campaign text could be deleted when using inline editing
    • Fixed a bug that caused Calendar events to show up in the activity feed as "Calendar event not found"
    • Fixed a bug in module delete functionality that failed to remove associated Fields records
    • Fixed a bug in Email Inboxes when selecting and moving messages to a folder whose name uses UTF8 encoded characters
  • Tracked Bug Fixes:
    • 2956: Undefined index: notificationUsers  
    • 3046: mb_convert_encoding(): Illegal character encoding specified  
    • 3082: User Report  
    • 3084: Undefined index: wide  
    • 3085: Report settings could not be saved.  
    • 3089: Undefined index: notificationUsers  
    • 3095: Report settings could not be saved.  
    • 3099: Missing argument 1 for Google_Client::authenticate(), called in GoogleAuthenticator.php on line 146 and defined  
    • 3115: Undefined offset: 0  
    • 3131: Syntax error or access violation: 1055 Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'X2CRM.t.id' which is not functionally dependent on colu  
    • 3133: Property "Testmodule.c_Client_ID" is not defined.  
    • 3137: Missing argument 1 for Google_Client::authenticate(), called in GoogleAuthenticator.php on line 146 and defined  
    • 3150: EmailConfigException
    • 3203: fgetcsv(): delimiter must be a character  
    • 3244: Trying to get property of non-object  
    • 3255: Quick Create Form
    • 3258: No such file or directory  
    • 3259: French date picker issue
    • 3265: array_combine(): Both parameters should have at least 1 element
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