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Auto-fill Web Lead Forms with Existing Information

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Auto-Fill Web Lead Forms

Is there any way to auto-fill web lead form fields for existing contacts with the information already on their record? To clarify, if a contact with a web tracking key visited a page with a form, any fields already filled on their record (ex: name, email) would already be filled in. Then they would only have to add the additional information not already in the CRM and/or they could update the existing info. I know this isn't an option with the way the forms are currently, but is it possible through the API?


This would be a HUGE advantage to allow the ability for users to update their own information. Plus it makes it more likely that contacts will fill out forms because there are fewer fields to input.


Updating Existing Contact Records

At a minimum it would be good for existing records to be updated based on a matching email rather than creating a new record. This post was created a while back wondering about that feature: http://x2community.com/topic/2538-leadform-fields-for-existing-customers


At the time it was said that would be a capability implemented in 5.0. However, when an existing contact submits a form even with a matching email, it still creates a new record. Was that auto-merge feature not added after all? I noticed that this more recent thread discusses taking away the auto-merge as it can replace important information: http://x2community.com/topic/1899-update-contact-info-via-webforms/


I had that concern myself but can manage it by using workflows. So please make the auto-merge possible! A great thing would be to make it optional so that people can choose which works best for them.

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1) This should be possible via the API. Look up a Contact based on their web tracking key, and then fill out the forms on your page based on that data. You'll need to be using a custom web lead form that submits via API in the first place to allow this, but it's doable. 


2) We decided on simply allowing duplicate records to come in for now. When the feature was originally built, we had no merge tool and so we didn't want to flood people with duplicates. It's a little obnoxious to get duplicate records, I know, but now you can just check checkboxes on the grid view and click "Merge Records" to merge the duplicates together and decide what pieces of information are important from each record. You can also go to the Mass Dedupe Tool on the admin page which will show all detected duplicates in the system and provide tools to manually or (platinum) automatically merge duplicates for you. Instructions can be found on that page.



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Hi Jake,


Thanks for the info. The merge works pretty well but the problem is that they come in as a new lead and get assigned to that process flow, which is not appropriate if they are already a contact. This requires us to manually filter new leads before allowing any flow to get triggered, which rather defeats the purpose of all the great automation possibilities. It also causes some issues with our engagement ranking formulas. Would love if the option was added to merge based on email and not create duplicate records!

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Here's an API example that maybe you can use?



$res = $test->toArray();
if (count($res)>0)
    echo 'Found Contact Record(s)'."\n";
    if (count($res)>1)
        echo "\nError: Multiple Records Found - Cannot Update\n"; //probably not a good idea?
        foreach ($res as $k=>$v)
            echo "id: ".$v['id']."\n";
    } else {
        $ci = array_pop($res);
        $id = $ci['id'];
        echo "Update id: ".$id."\n";
        $test->updateContact($id,$a); //$a = array with contact data 
} else {
    echo 'Contact Record Not Found - Create New'."\n";
    $test->createContact($a); //$a = array with contact data 

also, you could pull the contact array into a web form, to allow user updates, if you want.

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If I understand this - there is no way to stop a web form from duplicating an account?


I have a form that is working fine - I've set it to record contact and account details.  It, unfortunately, set up the contact in a new account each time.  So acount A , is increments with something like account A-1 This seems rather clumsy.


Is something that will be fixed?






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