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X2CRM version 5.2.2 Release Roadmap

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Today we are very excited to announce X2CRM version 5.2.2 a small feature release set for preview next week and release the first week of October. X2CRM 5.2.2 contains mostly customer requested and funded feature enhancements in addition to several new social networking connectors. Please see the feature list below for more details.

Additionally, several months ago we decided to significantly upgrade our X2CRM Virtual Private Server (X2VPS) cloud service infrastructure. As a result this weekend we are moving all X2VPS accounts from our web severs presently located in a data center here in Santa Cruz, California to a more international, powerful and scalable cloud infrastructure service powered by Amazon Web Services – AWS. The good news for X2VPS customers is that you can expect a significant increase in page load speed and overall application performance.

In the coming weeks we are also going to roll out local X2CRM VPS servers in Europe, North America and Asia to better support our international customers. If you are running X2CRM on-premise this may also be a good opportunity to move your X2CRM system to our new AmazonAWS powered cloud infrastructure. We will be sending out more detail on this exciting new X2VPS\AmazonAWS powered cloud service in the coming weeks.

We hope you like this new version of X2CRM and the new X2VPS cloud service. For more information please visit X2CRM.com.

X2CRM Team
Santa Cruz

Below is a short release highlight summary, you can also see a live demo at http://demo.x2crm.com.

Release Highlights:
– Internationalization/Translation Improvements
– X2Workflow Splitter Allows for Concurrent Actions within a Workflow
– Can Now Set Default Processes for Modules
– Mass Actions on Email Widget
– Social Connector for Google+
– Tower Data Connector Contact Demographic Data
– Topics and Image Management Improvements
– Document Folders Improvements

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