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X2CRM version 5.2 Beta can now be demoed at preview.x2crm.com


  • Highlights
    • Professional Edition Changes
      • New Execute Workflow sidebar widget enables execution of individual workflows created in the X2Workflow Studio Designer
      • New Profile Dashboard widgets:
        • Docs Summary
        • Email Inbox
        • New Web Leads
      • New grid view mass actions:
        • Mass convert leads
        • Mass publish comments, actions, calls, and logged time
        • Mass create relationships
    • New mass dedupe admin tool simplifies and automates duplicate record management
    • New importer option to update existing records on import
    • Tags can now be exported
    • Docs can now be grouped inside nestable folders
    • New drag and drop media upload options and simplified email image attachment
    • New Web Activity record view widget
    • New interactive tips system offers step-by-step feature introductions
    • Application-wide UI improvements to record view layouts
    • New Module-specific theming options
    • New Edit Global CSS admin page
    • Themes selected on the preferences page now apply to the login screen and to X2Touch
    • New preferences option to apply background image to login screen
    • Admin index organizational improvements
  • General Changelog / Developer Notes:
    • "X2Flow" has been renamed "X2Workflow"
  • Tracked Bug Fixes:
    • 2631: Invalid address:
    • 2731: import mapping name
    • 2769: Undefined index:
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