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Quote Template change line items and condition

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How can I change what is emitted for the line items field from Quote Template and set conditions for field placeholder?


  1. How can I change the "Comments" column heading to something else? Which default code/script file can I customize and place in the custom dir? I have done this with the Quote module label, so the comments label is changed on the frontend. But it doesn't seem to changed for the template. 
  2. Also the price in the line items includes the currency, I would to remove the currency. Please let me know which code file to edit? Or how to configure to remove currency from the frontend? 
  3. Also how to set condition for field placeholder? If the number field for a account entry is empty then a 0 is emitted. Eg. Unit Number is empty for a Account's address but the Unit Number from the template is emitted as 0. I prefer it to be empty not 0 or some default value. I have checked the number field is not set to 0 as default... 

Thanks in advance :)

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Ok I have got the Ans for 1st point.

It should be the following file to change the Quote Template layout:


In the method productTable which generates markup for quote line items table for template.


But haven't be able to figure out point 2 & 3.

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