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Template not loading when wanting to send eMail

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Hi guys,


I seem to be running into various 'rights' issues it seems whilst using roles.


I have 2 roles setup. Neither being global admin.

I have some eMail docs as templates. Some public some private (but doesn't change outcome of issue). All eMail doc linked to Contact module


When I am trying to send an eMail direct from a contact to the contact, I cant seem to select and get any Doc template loaded.


Just keeps with the timing indicator.


As if the Java, template or somewhere gets blocked etc.


I have tried all security settings I could think of.


Any idea where to look?





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I seem to have found the solution to this.


The contact records on the Roles settings were all set to only view assigned records by the user, although each record was public visibility but only visible to the assigned user. This means it conflicted with the templates available when trying to use a template to mail.


Solution: simple, make the contact in the Roles setting visible as All records for the user role, assign the records to the user but make each private. This means each records i still ring fenced per user, but it can use any of the email templates.




Hope it helps someone... :)

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