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Web Tracker - how to test

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on our installation the WebTracker is not set up and seems to be ready. But I suspect that it is not tracking at all (no fingerprints are collected!)...so my question is: Wat would be a good testing scenario to test it on all tracked domains?


We´ve X2Engine installed and functional at:


http://x2.mydomain.de(http s:// also working)



tracking domains (public info ist set)


https://www.mydomain.de with TRACKER https://x2.mydomain.de (note the https)

http://www.mydomain.comwith TRACKER http://x2.mydomain.com/webtracker.php CNAME x2.mydomain.com -> x2.mydomain.de

http://www.mydomain.chwith TRACKER http://x2.mydomain.ch/webtracker.php CNAME x2.mydomain.ch -> x2.mydomain.de


How to test, if the setup is workign correctly?


KR, Michael

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Hi Michael,


We may at some point add web tracking testing tools to the app, but for now the best testing method will be manual:

  1. Place web trackers and web lead capture forms on your website
  2. For this step you'll need have cookies enabled in your browser. Navigate to the web form on your website and submit the form. Afterwards, ensure that a contact with the details you submitted was created in X2 and that subsequent visits to your website are tracked on your activity feed. There is a tracking cooldown set to 1 minute by default, which you can reduce to 1 second for testing purposes (this setting can be accessed form "Web Tracker" page in the Marketing module). If the test contact was created but your visits aren't being tracked, then you might have set up your tracking domain incorrectly. Another possibility is that your embed codes weren't generated for the correct domain (you should see your tracking domain in the src attributes of your web form and web tracker embed codes).
  3. Using the same browser that you used in step 2), clear your cookies and then ensure that your website visits still get tracked. This is likely to work if you got through step 2). If it's not working, then you might have X2Identity disabled.


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That is just a visual bug where we would display a demo of your unsubscribe page under the web form builder if you have one set up, if not then we show the default which is just a web page that says "I have been successfully unsubscribed to the preview"

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