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Hi m.dhouibi,


I assume that you're trying to set the public base URI, but can't because the base URL fails validation. Is that correct? Unfortunately, if you're hosted locally, the base URL field auto-populates with "http://localhost"which isn't valid. We'll fix this for our next release. In the meantime, if you wanted to set the public base URI, a workaround would be to clear the base URL field before saving.



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This validation is currently rejecting 'localhost' based on the default regex pattern for Yii's CUrlValidator, which requires the top level domain to be specified. 'localhost' is also an invalid entry for the external base URL, as it is used in rendering links for external facing resources and the links rendered will never work for anyone who receives them, instead resolving to their localhost. However, while you are configuring your email settings, you can temporarily set the external base URL to, but once you are ready for production, I'd recommend ensuring your external base URL is set to a publicly accessible domain.



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Hello, I need help I am getting the same error when i try to click on "Save" error is"  

Please fix the following input errors: External / Public Base URL is not a valid URL. , There is no field for base URL in this form how can i fix it?? please help me ASAP.

Thank you,


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