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I have a question about web tracking. We currently submit an inline HTML form to a CGI on our server that does various processing and submits to our current CRM (salesforce.com). We're not actually getting rid of SF but are using X2E along side it for marketing automation purposes. My question is this: can we continue to use the CGI to post to SF and simultaneously post to X2E, or do we *have* to something like an AJAX form submit on the webpage to X2E (or even have X2E handle the submit and then use an X2Flow to repost to SF). I'm basically unclear as to how X2E "knows" that a user has submitted a form and thus can track that user on the website if the form submit doesn't go directly to X2E itself.


I likewise don't understand how the x2_key hidden field gets populated, and if can only be populated if X2E is the one that received the form submission.


Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Hi wirespring,


You should be able to maitain your current setup, with the capture script making API requests to both SF and X2. It's possible to configure your lead form so that X2's web tracker script autopopulates one of your form's fields with a cookie tracking key. You would then need to set that tracking key in the "trackingKey" field of the contact that you create via X2's API. There's some documentation on integrating custom lead forms with the web tracker on our wiki: http://wiki.x2engine.com/wiki/Web_Lead_Capture_via_API_(legacy)#Web_Tracker_Front_End.



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